Brikcem G6

Brikcem G6 is type II Portland limescale grey cement for indoor and outdoor masonry work. Specifically designed to prepare mortars, plasters, for concrete and to smooth out floors. Usually employed on: non-precompressed elevated or morphologically slender structures; mass structures; foundation structures; masonry work; exposed casts; pre-mixed products; urban furniture elements; various kinds of repairs. Pre-mixed product ready for application, you only need to add water. Brikcem G6 can be used to create concrete for floors to build low walls, pillars or pre-fabricated elements by means of casting in wooden moulds. Used for mortars and plasters: to make mortar for building brick walls, for the final smoothing of floors, as plaster on masonry work. Ideal as putty to seal tiled floors, namely terracotta and stoneware tiles. Coverage 1m² per 1 kg of product with a thickness of 1 mm.

Code Description Pieces
67550/01 BRIKCEM G6 1 kg 12
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