Brikcem R8

Brikcem R8 is a mix of grey inert quartziferous cements and special additives that can develop high mechanical resistance in very short intervals of time. Ideal to block without reinforcements frames, fixtures, posts, piping, brackets, sockets and electrical cables indoors and outdoors. First pour clean water in a container (25% in relation to the product) and then the necessary amount of Brikcem R8 you are sure you will use in the next 2-3 minutes as, once the bonding process has started, the product can no longer be used. Excellent to quickly repair deteriorated masonry work; smooth out gaps or cracks; as an element to help the hardening process of cement mortars when there is the risk of frost. Coverage 1m² per 1 kg of product with a thickness of 1 mm.

Code Description Pieces
67550/03 BRIKCEM R8 1 kg 12
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