Luxcrem is a cream for footwear containing particular high-quality self-polishing waxes, which enable you to protect, revive the colour and polish both shoes and leather materials without using a brush. Luxcrem has been specifically designed for use with the following types of leather: smooth or polished, "closed grain", glazed, brushed, printed and eco-leather. Luxcrem is entirely safe to be used with leather and provides brilliance, softness and water repellency. Bottle with sponge applicator to quickly polish and revive leather shoes. Do not use on different colour leather to that indicated or on suede, nubuck, synthetic velvet, alcantara, peccary and patent leather.  Directions for use:  Remove any dirt present on the surface to be treated. Repeatedly press the sponge, so that the product can be dispersed easily when using for the first time. Uniformly apply the product and allow to dry. After 5-6 applications, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.  When you are finished, close the bottle so that the product does not dry out.

Code Description Pieces
66975/01 LUXCREM NERO 75 ml 6
66975/02 LUXCREM MARRONE MEDIO 75 ml 6
66975/03 LUXCREM NEUTRO 75 ml 6
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