Luxfast is a self-polishing sponge soaked in refined and high-quality raw materials, which enable you to protect, revive the colour and polish both shoes and leather materials without using a brush. Luxfast has been specifically designed for use with the following types of leather: smooth or polished, "closed grain", glazed, brushed, printed and eco-leather. Luxfast is entirely safe to be used with leather and provides brilliance, softness and water repellency. Do not use on suede, untreated light-coloured leather or "closed grain" leather, nappa, nubuck, peccary or alcantara leather. Directions for use: Remove the sponge from the container and, whilst applying a normal amount of pressure, wipe the leather shoe. When you are finished, return the sponge to its designated container so that it does not dry out.

Code Description Pieces
66900/01 LUXFAST NERO 12
66900/02 LUXFAST NEUTRO 12
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