Maltpol is the mortar ready for use and made with grey pre-mixed powder made from hydraulic lime, cement, quartz sand and special additives. CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO UNI EN 998-2:2004. Maltpol provides guaranteed performance levels for thin masonry (T), M5 class, for use indoors and outdoors. Ideal as a bedding mortar to build masonry, indoors and outdoors, by following the method used for traditional mortar. Apply on clean masonry work. The adhesive mortar obtained can be used for about 4 hours. Particularly absorbent masonry elements or those exposed to direct sunlight mix be dampened with water one hour before use, so that they have time to cool down and their surface can dry. Very damp supports can slow down bonding.  Only requires clean water to prepare it. Mix with a continuous horizontal mixer or a drill with a low rpm fitted with a stirrer, with 200 ml of water per kg of product until evenly smooth.

Code Description Pieces
67552/01 MALTPOL 1 KG 12
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