Atermuf is special paint for walls and for use indoors. Anti-condensation, provides thermal insulation and breathability. Atermuf increases the wall's temperature and prevents air from condensing and creating mould; contains microspheres that create a thermal microporous film that prevents condensation from forming. Coverage 10-12 sqm/l for finish with a brush / sprayer; for finishes with a brush consumption varies based on the desired thickness. Dilute with water from the mains from 10 to 15%. For a textured effect, dilute at 3%. Atermuf is particularly suited for rooms with the presence of large amounts of steam, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, where the formation of surface condensation and mould is easier. The effective insulating action sensibly reduces typical condensation phenomena on perimeter walls, thereby improving the liveability of rooms and reducing the chance of mould. Clean the mineral support to remove dirt and old pain coming off. Remove mould already featured on the wall before the painting cycle.

Code Description Pieces
61630/05 ATERMUF 5 lt 1
61630/14 ATERMUF 14 lt 1
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