RAIN-REPELLENT A ready-to-use, transpirant, water-repellent protective solution with a neutral colour. Provides in-depth water-proofing treatment for all building materials (cement, terracotta, stone, corrugatedsheets,stoneware,clinker, brickworkandslate)protectingthemfromdamagecausedbythe disruptive effects of rain and frost. Guarantees protection for many years, allows the materials to breathe and enables over-painting. Ideal for sealing cracks on balcony and terrace floors in order to avoid their rebuilding. Easily applied to dry and clean surfaces with a paintbrush, a roller or a spray gun. Treat the entire surface adequately, ensuring that the product penetrates 2 mm into the depth of cracks and crevices. Recommendation: apply a second coat after a few hours to low-absorbent materials.

Code Description Pieces
840150/05 PARAPIOGGIA 5 lt 4
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