Pitfix is a fixing product that can be diluted in water. It is designed for the surface impregnation of the wall support before painting. Essential to paint with washable colours walls already treated with tempera colours or chalk-based paint. Pitfix is applied with a brush or sprayed after diluting it in water: a ratio of 1:3 as a fixing product and primer for wall paints and 1:1 if used as binder for asbestos powder on asbestos cement. Used as a base coat, especially on walls with high absorption or over old paint to create a bottom coat that is as even as possible and to apply the next coats of washable paint or water-based products in general. Can also be used as a substrate for wallpaper in general. Specifically designed for painting cycles, mainly indoors. With high penetrating properties, it can fill in even the smallest pores on the plaster's surface. Pitfix provides ideal support to bond the next coats of paint by isolating them from the alkaline environment of cement supports and similar ones.

Code Description Pieces
61640/01 PITFIX 1 lt 12
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