Poker liquid degreaser. Can be used diluted or undiluted. Dilution: For washing motor vehicle exteriors, 10-15 g. product per litre of water; for manual use or use with high pressure washers. Industrial maintenance: 20-100 g. of product per litre of water; for manual use, washing tanks for mechanical parts and high pressure washers. Cleaning floors and other surfaces: 50-100 g. of product per litre of water, for manual use or using floor cleaning machines. We recommend testing the product before using it on varnished or painted surfaces. Trigger bottle ready to use.

Technical sheet

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Scheda Ingredienti Reg. N. 648/2004 Pdf icon
Code Description Pieces
60510/05 POKER 5000 ml 4
60510/01 POKER 1000 ml 15
60510/75 POKER TRIGGER 750 ml 6
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