OINS-WHITENER is ideal for renewing the joints of walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms, quickly and safely. Marker with reversible chisel tip made of polyester with longitudinal fibres, which allows you to apply the product to the joints of any tiled surface. It contains a special high coverage and insoluble alcohol-based white paint, which protects the joint from the elements. RINNOVAFUGHE is ready for use, dries quickly and is washable. Instructions for use: shake the marker without removing the cap; remove the cap and activate the marker by turning it horizontally, pressing the tip repeatedly on a flat surface until the product comes out. It is not recommended to hold down the tip during use nor to activate the marker on the surface to be retouched. Apply the product to the joint after having carefully degreased the surface to be treated. After an hour the product is dry to the touch and the excess product can be removed. After 48 hours the product is fully washable.

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