Stucpol is an extremely fine white power putty made from cabonates and alabistrine sulphates, hydraulic binders, selected inert material. Stucpol is an excellent smoothing product, adhesive and filler. It has special binders and additives that ensure good workability of the mix, excellent adhesion to the support and mechanical resistance. Stucpol is easy to sand-paper; ideal for filling small holes and cracks or to smooth out large surfaces on walls and ceilings indoors, both in the civil and industrial building sector. Stucpol contains powder calcium hemihydrate made by grinding stone (CaSO4 2H2O) with special features. This is then fired in methane kilns with homogenization at constant temperatures. Does not contain harmful substances for the environment and who applies it. No unpleasant odours, not flammable. This makes it particularly suitable for civil plasters, ready-made cement, plasterboard, plaster, scagliola, pre-faricated panels with no removal products, wooden products and by-products.

Code Description Pieces
67553/01 STUCPOL 1 kg 12
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