Woodstuc is a specific putty for wood, ideal to quickly and permanently repair holes, cracks and marks left by chips. Dries quickly without shrinking and perfectly adheres to surfaces. Can be sand-papered, planed, painted over, etc. Woodstuc is a special paste made with carbonates, earth colours and resins.
Ideal to recreate missing parts on all wooden surfaces and structures. Adheres and perfectly bonds with all surfaces. Forms a single hard surface that is resistant and durable. Available in various wood colours. One application is usually enough to repair the surface. Several coats are however recommended for deep .

Code Description Pieces
63450/30 WOODSTUC DOUGLAS 0,50 kg 12
63450/31 WOODSTUC PINO 0,50 kg 12
63450/32 WOODSTUC ROVERE 0,50 kg 12
63450/33 WOODSTUC MOGANO 0,50 kg 12
63450/34 WOODSTUC NOCE CHIARO 0,50 kg 12
63450/35 WOODSTUC NOCE SCURO 0,50 kg 12
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