Line designed for gluing and sealing many materials used in building sector, industries, navigation, automotive, do-it-yourself. High-tech products, able to guarantee a secure and long lasting fixing. Among the products of this line can be highlighted: silicones, sealants, cyanoacrylates, threadlockers, and innovative spray adhesives such as Colla Spray and Attacca e Stacca.


Spray Glue is suitable for sticking in a swift and steady way paper, carton, cloth, leather, plastic, glass and metal. Colla Spray has a good resistance to high temperatures and the special valve placed on the spray creates a “filamentous” vaporization and also permits to regulate the spray both in a vertical and horizontal way in order to obtain a better adhesivity. Before using the stick it is advisable to clean the surfaces and then spray the product on them wait a few seconds the evaporization of the solvents and then join the two parts using pressure. To get complete adhesion wait a few hours.